Hoffer’s Wake

This is the Hoffer’s Wake star system from the PC Game Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. It’s in a style similar to the in game navigation system.

I’m working up the map for a tabletop roleplaying game I’m going to be running, so I intend to release an additional map modified for that purpose. Namely, I want to adjust some distances so that the notion of putting space stations around Griffon is plausible. The current numbers dictate that the planet has an orbital period of a little more than half a day and a surface temperature of over 1300 degrees Celsius.

I will probably also make maps detailing each planet and asteroid, and possibly a few deckplans and surface maps of noteworthy locations.

Adobe Illustrator. The font is Calibri. Independence War is property of Atari Games.

And here’s the modified version:

Hoffer's Wake Modified

And the environs around Griffon, the closest planet to the Alpha star:



Touchdown is the second planet in the system:

Touchdown and environs


Alexander and environs:



The Badlands Cluster of the Spinward Marches:

Badlands Cluster, Spinward Marches


The Coyote System:

Coyote System




Fans of the video game may have noticed that as I go along, things are getting increasingly inaccurate. Part of that is because it’s easier to fit all the planets on if I move them around a bit. In addition, the Traveller game is generating some data that doesn’t necessarily fit neatly into the existing Edge of Chaos world. So apologies to the EoC crowd—my first priority here is my roleplaying game. Some day in the distant future, perhaps I will update these to better reflect the universe as reflected in the video game. But don’t hold your breath!



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