Fractal Blocks for Blackmagic Fusion

Update: Version 2.0 of FractalBlocks is much faster, has better handling for out-of-range values, and features improved controls. Also, this tool can be found in Reactor, Fusion’s free, community-built package manager.

After Effects has a very useful setting in its Fractal Noise effect that turns its output into blocks. Here is a macro that replicates most of that feature in Fusion.


It’s a bit slow, and there are a couple of issues that I’ll eventually iron out, as well as a couple more controls I’d like to add, but in its current form it solves the problems I wanted to solve.

MT stands for MuseTools, a collection of tools and elements created by and for Muse VFX.


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    1. The best way is to install Reactor, the community-built Fusion package manager:

      If you want to install it by hand, it needs to go into your application data folder under \Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Macros\
      On Windows, you can easily find the correct folder using this path: %APPDATA%\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Macros\
      I’m not sure of the correct path on Mac or Linux.

      Once installed, you’ll find it in the Add Tools dialogs in the Macros category.

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